­City Diaries. With an international university project called SkypeLab, my students and I went to several cities like Melbourne, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona and New York City. While watching my students working on the project, I almost became jealous of their wonderful, creative and crazy ideas. It made me look for what I could contribute myself, not as a teacher but as an artist. Thus I began to capture our travels in a photographic diary. I took photos in each city, later cutting, pasting, painting and collaging them. This is how my SkypeLab Diaries about Melbourne, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro came about.

All works: photography, collage, oilpaint. Sizes between 17,7 x 12,6cm and 18 x 13cm.
All photos: soenne.com

Melbourne Diary I
Melbourne Diary II
Melbourne Diary III
Melbourne Diary IV
Rio Diary I
Rio Diary II
Rio Diary III
Rio Diary IV
Shanghai Diary I
Shanghai Diary II
Shanghai Diary III
Shanghai Diary IV